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called the ban insufficient

Le 29 November 2014, 06:28 dans Humeurs 0

ll of the provisions of this series, it is to make our system more workable, we all know that in order to truly play a role in the system, it must be targeted. If you are some general requirements and content, then it is very difficult to continue to implement, so this time we are in the middle of these provisions, which expressly prohibits both requirements, for example, you can not exceed the number of the area, called the ban insufficient. But we also have some advocacy requirements, such as we say in the heating area, past our office inside the radiator like to give the bag, so more beautiful, but beautiful at the same time this will lead us to the heating of thinew balance 998 for sales energy consumption, it does not meet the requirements of our energy-saving society, then we say that for such an act, we advocate that we will not do it, but we note that this is only general office staff asked us not to do so. For some of our meeting room, some foreign agencies, we do not do it hard and fast rules, called realistic. Both specific details, we have to be realistic.Zhang Yu:Then we look at the inside of the party and government leaders also mentioned the office can be equipped with a lounge area in the office use, but also mentioned that could be included in the principal office is equipped with toilet, then we know that I'm

talking about just a few pictures there are luxury lounge, it also explicitly mentioned here can say with a lounge, which is conducting a qualitative or quantitative requirement Xin Ming:We are opposed to the office party cadres inside the ultra-luxury, super luxury, but it does not mean that we are within the scope of the provisions of our party members and cadres to create something with respect to the conditions of their work better, especially as we all know, we are the grassroots trunk line Leading cadres, his work is very busy, often we use our words called 52, white with black. Like I've been to a county, we have the county clerk, who is likely to open th new balance 580 mens  e Standing Committee in a meeting all day, then we at noon break, resting in his office inside a small bed, to lie down and rest This is necessary, but also allows him to better work for our party and the people, for such a condition, we think it is possible to be understood by the masses, it should be.If we do not like this provision, for example, to let him go to the hotel to rest in the middle, could only delay the time and also adds unnecessary costs, so we say within a

while the third round of this year's tour is also central to start intensive. So far, 10 inspection teams have been stationed.Approved by the Central, the third round of this year's tour will be the center of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Chinese Association, the National Federation, China Radio International, China Southern Airlines, China Shipping, China Uninike shox tlx cheapcom, China Shipping, Huadian Group, Dongfeng Motor, Shenhua 13 units of the Group, Sinopec and other conduct special inspections.So far, only the National Federation, China Shipping, Huadian Group 3 units no inspection teams stationed.It is worth mentioning that the current round of inspections in all the special patrol, patrol object most to the central rate. Outside analysts, after inspections focusing on enterprises relative lack of concern, the central enterprises to choose the status quo or its related corruption, and quickly entered the patrol unit can be reduced by preparation time, to prevent the case into a complex.Eighteen years, the central government has launched four inspections, visits totaling 47 objects, including 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, seven central unit, six companies and two subordinates central universities, inspections

especially the big feature is the

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specified area appropriate to add some space to rest, so that they can You can add strength to spare, this is acceptable, but it should be.Zhang Yu:So I have just mentioned a moment back there is a similar provision in the actual 15 years ago, five years ago, also reiterated again, after the new regulations came out, especially the big feature is the meticulous and strict, so strict and meticulous really can take control 15 years without a tube good    reebok zig sonic mens  question  We continue to look down.Commentary:Went into a house, a room on the investigation, with a ruler measuring, data recording. What room number is, the number is the number of square meters, who is in use, the information they are carefully recorded in the register. After eighteen Fourth Plenary Session of the CPC anti-corruption efforts unabated. Just nine days, there are three provincial officials were investigating, has triggered sustained attention.Heavy "Tiger" "shoot fly", while dense central inspection teams stationed overseas "fox hunting" big network will also tighten ...... Along with China's official resorted to a series of "combined", the end of corruption Aspect

frequently.Within nine three "tiger" arrestAfter eighteen and has more than 57 provincial and ministerial level officials checked28 afternoon, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website news shows, resume cover Guangdong CPPCC chairman of Guangdong, Hainan, Chongqing, Zhu Mingguo three alleged serious violation of the law, the organization is currently undergoing investigation.Just a day earlier,  supra skytop 2 cheapdeputy director of the Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Province, the provincial party secretary Sui Fengfu Reclamation Bureau traced to alleged serious violation of the law to accept the organization investigation.Reporters noted that from the 20th of this month, the Minister of the Organization Department of Hebei Provincial Committee Liang Bin surveyed so far, just nine days, there are three provincial officials were investigating.In fact, according WASHINGTON reporter to incomplete statistics, since the CPC eighteen, there have been more than 57 provincial and ministerial level officials being investigated.It is worth mentioning that, Zhu Mingguo this checked, a provincial CPPCC Chairman Li Chongxi second

place after sacked, but also after the second Wanqingliang Guangdong provincial officials were investigating. At the same time, also became the first nine members of the Central Committee since eighteen surveyed.Reporters noted that the above officials checked, checked again highlighting the former senior officials in recent years, "no sign" features. Among them, the investigation was announced on the 7th, Liang Bin still attend public events; Zhu Mingguo is still attend the 3rd Foreign Affairs Guangdong CPPCC work and addressed the forum."Tiger" is not loose at the same time, the CCP continues to focus on strong anti-corruption "shoot fly." Shanxi Province,supra skytop 2 australia  only 26, one day, in one breath, "double open" four officers, including two female officers accused of "adultery with others." This is the first time that the words in the commission of female officials in communications. Two days later, Shanxi and then exposed four officials suspected of serious violation of law to accept the organization investigation.10 inspection teams have been stationedWill be completed over 2 percent "Tour full coverage" task"Tiger," "shoot fly" intensity diminished,

how would fall into this child

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tothan 170,000, and at a rate of about 20,000 per year increase. Ice, K powder and synthetic drugs has gone beyond the traditional drugs such as heroin, Zhejiang becomecontact, it seems clear conscience, and even that they do not affect the management of project implementation everything will be fine. ""Thousands of miles of dike destroyed the colony, I have no face to defend himself, and now every day I ask myself, where I am, how would fall into this child " Wang Ren said he live up to the organization, leadership, colleagues family, friends, trustreebok zig sonic womens  and hope.Education as a negative, Wang Ren said, after he was arrested, often reflect on loopholes in the system of science and technology system, has written several how to improve their work, plug the loopholes, to the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to strengthen the science and technology project management material. He hoped that through their lessons, telling some comrades "the brink, should take warning, alarm bells ringing."Finally, Wang Ren suddenly stood up, turned to colleagues and the leadership of the gallery, bowed deeply. "Thank you for always helping

gusts of 10 to 11. Shanxi Province Commission for Discipline Inspection on the 28th briefing, Shanxi Datong Zuoyun county clerk Xushang red, Datong county partnike shox tlx sale  y secretary Yang Gao Wen first solution, Datong Guangling County Magistrate Li Liping, Yangquan City Party Secretary Xiao Jian Kang alleged serious violation of the law, which is now accepted organize the investigation.Serious secretary approved a week ago, Shanxi Datong corruptionA week ago, "Shanxi Daily" was published on the front page, "Wang Rulin speech at the Datong Shuozhou Xinzhou City three research study forum" article. Speech, Shanxi Provincial Party Secretary Wang Rulin named Datong, Shuozhou, Xinzhou City, there are three serious corruption problem. It is worth noting that, according to four people resume shows that are being investigated and party secretary Li Fung Cheung Datong intersection. October 15 this year, Li Fung Cheung suspicion of serious violation, the receiving organization

Housing issued on the party and government organs of office space construction standards, then the standard for office party and government organs should be much, much leadership office office should have made clear. That such a provision is to give individual parts of this luxurious office, the office of the wind to bring the magic spell it Commentary:What level of official office can be much, in fact, as early as in the party and government organs of office space construction standards issued in 1999 have clearly defined, but just yesterday after 15 years, by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Housing and Urban Construction Department once again released a new version of the standard, regardless of the content or details are particularly noticeanew balance 580 womensble. In the new standard, respectively, the central, provincial, municipal, county, township five agencies were divided among the central authority of the provincial chief provincial authorities, not more than 54 square meters per person, PUC authority chief no more than 42 square meters, the chief county authorities not more than 30 square meters, while the township authorities by

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